Our Process

We follow a client-centric planning process that focuses on giving you options at life’s transition points: Problem resolution for little surprises, and/or future direction helping you discover what is around the corner.

Everett and Larson Financial Services base their philosophy and approach on creating a strong financial future through risk-based investments, not a speculative approach. We focus beyond the rate of return or beating the stock market because true prosperity is more than just a number. We aim to translate your wealth into goals you've created and can actually attain. We start by getting to know you, the client, your history and your desired future.

A financial professional will take you through a Comprehensive Checklist that addresses items unrelated to money.  Many are functional things needed to prepare for the best and the worst of times. It’s the things we don’t know or have in place that can snag the best laid plans.  Our Survival Guide will guide you step-by-step to a successfully planned outcome.

In addition to discussing your goals and values, we will also gather specific financial and legal documents such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare directives, and financial account statements*. By gathering both financial and non-financial documents, we can develop a truly long-term, comprehensive perspective that allows us to see your big picture values and goals, while also alerting us to potential distractions and hazards along the way that can threaten to throw you off course*.

You will determine your risk tolerance, voice your goals and needs. We will help guide you in a real time plan. Together, we'll discover and determine attainable goals and then set you on a course to achieve them.  You will determine the start, define the turning points and we will monitor your plan so you stay on point to finish.

Our Commitment to you:
You are looking for answers without being sold. We choose to foster relationships; not focus on mere transactions. No pressure. No sales. No cookie-cut recommendations. Together we make a great team!