The Seven Objectives

We have found that the most financially secure individuals don’t necessarily have the most assets, but they have a clear plan that takes into account today, the future, and everything in between.

These seven objectives are the sum total of successful financial future.  They include defined goals  and “financial confidence”.   The seven objectives are:

  1. Discover where you stand today and measure your progress toward your goals tomorrow.
  2. Have a roadmap and clear understanding of your unique journey.
  3. Plan for the certainty of uncertainty and know your loved ones are protected.
  4. Be cash positive and fund your accumulation strategy.
  5. Trust that your assets are in-line with your personal goals, and that they are professionally managed for today’s ever-changing landscape.
  6. Understand your personal legacy and build a future for those you love.
  7. Review and update regularly to maintain financial confidence.

Everett and Larson Financial professionals take an accountable approach to growing wealth, educating clients on their options, and serving as your personal financial advocate, confidante, and valued friend.