Comprehensive Checklist

Everett & Larson Financial professionals are glad to unveil 21 known benefits that are rightfully owed to you, of which you may not currently be receiving.  This includes a program designed to protect your spouse from losing 1/2 of your Social Security Income upon your death, a program to cover 2-years of long-term care costs without paying a cent in annual premiums, and so much more!

The checklist also addresses many of our clients' primary retirement concerns such as:
• creating worry-free income plans to last you throughout retirement,
• protecting your life savings against losses, and
• planning an active, purpose-driven retirement

Our aim is to serve as our clients comprehensive Retirement Resource

There are legal, governmental and personal documents available to you free-of-charge, that could qualify you for additional benefits, tax savings, Medicare savings and Identity Protection.

What has changed significantly in the last 5 years?

  • Privacy laws have eroded our ability to protect our personal affairs.
  • Tax laws have become even more complicated… hiding easy-to-do tax reductions from the average tax payer.
  • Health insurance and medical coverage has become a complicated and arduous endeavor.
  • Banks and Financial institutions have instituted actions to protect themselves… things that can actually hurt the unknowing customer.