Corporate Planning

When it comes to a corporate retirement, these plans have their own set of complex rules and compliance standards.  Whether your corporation needs a 401K plan, a SEP IRA, or other Tax Advantage strategies that can save up to 40% more in taxes, for the Corporation, Executives, and Individuals we can customize a strategy to fit your needs.

If you are looking to leverage tax-advantaged benefits, Everett and Larson Financial Services & affiliates* can assist you in structuring the following:

Everett & Larson Financial Services also recognize there are different types of Tax Advantage and Retirement plans that offer exempt or deferred taxation benefits.  However, some plans are less complicated, more easily adaptable to individuals as well as small-medium sized corporations. Even if you have an existing plan such as a 401K, diverse planning can give your savings a big boost; up to 40% tax reduction. This plan is called the Distribution Solution you will be facing when its time to draw upon these qualified plans.

In markets that seem risky or turbulent, investment plans that are directly exposed or attached to markets' rise and fall such as the S&P, may prove more valuable to roll  into a similar plan with market-linked gains but not a market-based risk of loss.

Whether you have a 401(k) or other tax-advantaged savings plans, consider looking into other growth options that can capture the recent market gain, augment your retirement savings plan, without the volatility of potential market crash. 

It's worth your time to save and keep more!