Financial Planning

The difference between a Dream and a Goal is a Deadline!

Your financial world may feel much like an ever-changing landscape – one day it’s a lake view and a few months later it’s a barren desert. It can feel like the landscape shifts overnight and to some that has been a reality. But a plan that can flex and grow with life challenges and changes, has a destination and eventually reaches the finish line.

Everett & Larson Financial Services goal is to simplify your financial experience and build a system where your plan is on target and on time. The Client-Centric Process focuses on discovery, problem solving, future direction, and legacy building.

Financial planning helps you understand your plan inside and out, which is why we take you through a Comprehensive Checklist to addresses things like:

  • Are your investments the right fit for your goals and risk?
  • How much are you paying in unneeded fees?
  • If something happens to you, will your accounts go to the right people, and will the right people have the proper authority to make legal, financial, and medical decisions on your behalf?

Summarizing the E&L Financial Planning Experience in 8 simple steps

1. Discovery; where you are and what you need
2. Comprehensive Checklist
3. Determine your financial objectives
4. Create a target, a timeframe and deadline
5. Determine your cash flow availability & requirements
6. Discuss & allocate assets
7. Plan for your retirement, tax liability & inflation and exist Strategy
8. Review and Manage Risk

A Successful Alliance

We have dedicated ourselves to protecting your assets and your lifestyle. Clients are educated and informed in areas of tax savings, catastrophic illness, investing and asset protection. Our practical work experience and successful history spans beyond 38 years. You can be confident the Everett & Larson Financial Team will relate to and meet your needs.